Jun 08

Build Concrete Home with Tilt Up Concrete Construction in Perth

There are many reasons why your next home should be one of those concrete homes. It’s a home that is going to very durable and hold up to a lot of things easily. Also it’s a great way that you will be able to save money. These homes that are made from concrete will look just like a home that is built from wood when it’s completed.

You know that saying about a home is your castle, you can build your own durable castle with this type of construction. One that is going to be able withstand almost anything that Mother Nature will send your way. Plus you will not have to give up on comfort or the design of your home. This type of house is becoming very popular, just for the reduction in the cost of heating and cooling bills. Plus it’s also popular for being able to stand extremely high winds. Such as Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana a few years back.

During 2005 about 18 percent of the homes that were built would be these concrete houses. Now they most likely are around about every one of the six homes that are placed up. The most popular way of building these homes is through the ICFs, or insulating concrete forms. Some of them are removed, while most will be placed down and stay.

Placing the forms up is very easy, and they stay in place very well, almost like putting a puzzle together. The forms themselves are made of high density foam that is made from plastic. You will have those forms filled up with that concrete, and also placement of steel bars in them. This will give you wall that is strong, and insulated very well. It will be able to not only resist high winds, but also fires. Once they are up and done you can place any type of material up on them. Making them look as if they were a regular home.

It’s hard to notice these types of homes in your neighborhood. Since most of them are covered b y stucco or brick or even siding.

These types of homes are very popular in places especially where they face changes in climates.


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