Jun 11

Fashion In The Home – The Missoni Home Bathrobe Collection

Fashion is an important part of everyday life. Sometimes you notice it, sometimes you do not. Even those who say they do not care for fashion have a unique style of their own. Fashion comes from many places; immediately you think of the catwalk. Designer clothing is a focus point of the fashion industry, but style goes much further than this. Cars are fashionable; sofas can be fashionable; even home ware from the brand Alessi can be said to be of a designer quality.

I have discussed designer luxury bathrobes in the past. You could say they are an interest of mine as I deal with them often. Spend enough time and it is easy to see the fashion quality of these garments. The quality of the products obviously is a priority but when we talk fashion it is all in the design. Many are quite satisfied with the plain white dressing gown designs of brands such as Hamam, but for those more adventurous, like me, how could I continue to write a second longer without mentioning Missoni?

With origins from the Missoni fashion range iconic with the Italian catwalk, the Missoni Home area of the business translates the fashion ideals from their clothing range to the home, a move which includes a delicious range of luxury designer bathrobes. With a focus on explosive colour and innovative design it is hard not to be taken away by some of these towelling bathrobe designs.
For an example let me pick my favourite design, the Giacomo hooded bathrobe T160. Quality wise, this designer dressing gown has a comforting cotton inner and luxurious velour outer finish. Style wise, a colour combination of light blues, beige and browns in a vertical zigzag style product a very masculine mens bathrobe design. As a luxury mens dressing gown you cannot get much better. Of course all of Missonis designs are unisex, this one just really speaks to me.

Of course Missoni doesnt just have luxury mens dressing gown designs, but has great varieties which are much more suitable for women. On such womens dressing gown is the Lapo shawl bathrobe T156, which utilises a bright modern colour spectrum with a slight heavier focus on red. Striped vertically, this is a perfect womens dressing gown for the style conscious individual.
Lastly, I cannot mention Missoni without mentioning the Jazz design. Hugely popular, this design in a T156 colour palette creates a completely multi coloured experience, without going too far with the numerous colours used. It is easy to see why this hooded bathrobe is so popular.

Missonis luxury dressing gowns get a massive boost from their fashion origins, with both the luxury name and design styles being used to great advantage, but that is what makes Missoni Homes bathrobes so enticing! Fashion is everywhere, the statement of your designer bathrobe is no different. It is said that the world is a catwalk, justify yourself with Missoni Home.


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