Feb 27

How To Make Greek Or Roman Toga Costumes At Home With Downloadable Videos

Halloween is the time of year we all get to play dress up. Have you thought about your costume for this year? How about a Greek or Roman tunic costume? With popularity of films like 300 and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, toga costumes are making a comeback.

Togas history can be traced back to ancient Rome and worn in a variety of styles as everyday clothing. The more formal versions were reserved for more formal events, high-ranking individuals and government officials. Today you can make your own Roman toga costume and look like a high-ranking official. There is this website, DIY Party Costumes that shows you how to make all kinds of costumes including a homemade toga costume.
The site has downloadable videos that walk you thru making your very own costume. And get this, you can do it without sewing! Thats right, they show how to glue your costume together for those of us who dont know how to thread a needle. They also show you how to sew your costume together if you know how to sew, you get both versions. Want to be Cesar or a Greek Goddess, download a video and you are on your way. Just think of how much fun you can have making your own homemade toga costume. Need inspiration for something else, they have a page with all types of costumes to get your creativity going.
The videos are step-by-step and so easy to follow you will want to make costumes for everyone you know. All you do is take a few measurements, make a pattern using paper towel, cut it out and then sew or GLUE your costume together. It is that easy! They show different way to add trims of kinds. So if you need big and tall costumes or short and small costumes, need plus size toga costumes, it does not matter because you take the measurements so you know it will fit.
They even this a video to make shoe covers so you have great looking shoes to go with your costume. Again you make a simple pattern using your OWN SHOES, glue it together and add some Velcro and elastic and you have shoes to go with your costume to make a completed look.
Need a cape or angel wings, they have a video for that too. Want a hat to top off your Halloween costumes, they have videos for that as well.
With Halloween getting closer its time to start being creative and see how simple it is to make easy costumes at home.


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