Jan 31

Improve Apartment Security With These Safety Precautions and Wireless Door Locks

If you live in an apartment building, you may be in need of wireless door locks to increase your level of personal security. The National Crime Prevention Council reported that apartments are eighty-five percent more likely to be burglarized than any other type of house. This is probably due to the fact that apartments are known to have a lot of traffic and many criminals can often enter and exit an apartment complex without drawing any suspicious glances. Due to this high perchance for crime, it is important for anyone living in an apartment to take some additional steps to ensure their own personal security. While there are many options, a first step should include investing in a wireless door lock.

Increase Break-In Time

Sadly, many security professionals will know that if a criminal is determined to break into your apartment, there are few things that will deter this criminal. However, security professionals also state that if a thief struggles with your lock for more than sixty seconds, the thief is more likely to move on to another easier target. A wireless door lock is used a tight fitting lock that you can affix to any entrance into your apartment. An often over-looked and under protected area are balconies. Even though they are not a ground level, criminals check balcony’s for open sliding glass doors. You can add a wireless door lock to this sliding glass door and reduce the likelihood of a thief entering your place through this route. Another recommended tip is to install a bar that attaches to the sliding track to lock the door.

Ensure Proper Installation

When selecting a door lock be sure to use a quality, heavy-duty plate with longer than 2-inch screws to delve deep into your door frame. A strike plate is part of the door that houses the actual lock, keeping it secure in its place. Although many of these reinforced locks can be easily installed as another DIY project, you may benefit from having a qualified locksmith install it properly.You can also install these to secure your windows. Make sure you mount your locks at a point high enough on the window to allow you to ventilate your apartment, especially during those steamy, summer nights but do not mount it higher than six inches. Any higher than six inches and a thief could slip through your open window, making any attempts to improve your safety, nil.

Precautions for Vacations

Many people who live in apartments have gone on vacation only to return and realize that many of their valuables have disappeared; they were a victim of a robbery. One way to prevent this is to move your expensive jewelry or other valuable to a safe deposit box while you are away or many people find comfort in having an apartment sitter. Having someone stay at your place to watch television and provide occupancy will lower your risk of becoming a robbery victim. Your space is no longer an easy target.


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