Jan 29

Improve Your House With Log Home Refinishing

Maintain your log house if you plan to own it for many more years. If you reside under wet or dry weather, your wood is susceptible to decay and rotting. Have this material cleaned and refinished once a year. Increase the value of the wood so that it lasts longer. Discover the benefits of log home refinishing.

First, choose the areas of your home that need quality care. Check for common damages like mildew and rotting. Fill in any depressions with filler, which should match the surrounding color of the wood. Use refinishing techniques to increase the safety of your house. The floor may hold hidden dangers like splinters. Make sure that your wood surface is smooth and even at all times.

Have your wood cleaned before applying any chemicals. Sanding is an effective, nontoxic cleaning solution. It is also done to remove visible scratches. While you may use sandpaper, professionals use machines to speed through the process. They also protect their eyes and mouths from dust inhalation.

Pressure washing is another method of cleaning your wood. This machine shoots out water at high speeds, so a professional must handle its operations. Power washing is the best way to clear out years of ingrained dirt. Within minutes, the dirt and mold strips away before your eyes. A professional uses the right amount of pressure without damaging the wood.

Using commercial cleaners is another way to clean wood; however, these products should be handled carefully and used sparingly. The abrasive chemicals could strip off pieces of the wood in addition to the dirt. A professional knows how to create different mixes of chemicals. After the wood is cleaned, see if it looks brighter and more attractive than it did before.

After the wood is cleaned thoroughly, have the surface stained. Select a stain that changes the color and shade of your wood. A professional uses an application technique that does not leave excess. An additional coat thickens and darkens the color. Last, request the professional to add a protective layer of wood sealant.

Continue to maintain the integrity of your log wood home. Caring for wood is important because you could make a mistake that causes long-term damage. Wood is a material that is more sensitive than any other type. Clean spills as soon as possible in order to prevent water damage. Keep furniture covered during the rainy season. There are numerous ways that you can protect the quality of your wood.

Caring for a log house is more strenuous than caring for a brick house. Find a professional who uses the best products and techniques to get the work done. Log home refinishing is done to improve the new, vibrant look of your wood.


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