Jun 13

Top 5 Niches For Stay At Home Mom Businesses

Large businesses are not interested in small niche markets. The niche stay at home mom business, however, can make a very comfortable living marketing the right product or service to a niche market. The trick is to find a niche you can capitalize on and has a potential customer base with unsatisfied wants or needs.

Forget it when the gurus say.. I want to see you succeed and I will show you how. Those gurus just want you to buy their products. You are not out to buy products, you are out to sell products.
Here are the top 5 niches to get started on your stay at home mom business idea.

1. Niche 1 – stay at home mom business idea
Graphic designer’s are working more and more from home. They are all over the Internet and because the Internet is growing, they are in demand too. You can start your own graphic designer business on sites like Elance.com, Guru.com and others. Customers will come pooring into you if you have nice looking samples a nice profile picture and good ratings.
You can offer your stay at home mom business service at a discounted rate to get your beginning customers to get good reviews. Then future customers will be easier to get.

2. Niche 2 – stay at home mom business idea
Software trainer. Every software out their has an audience already built. Most of that audience asks questions about that software and searches online for answers. You can build a membership site with tutorials for that software. People will pay you for information that you already know.
You can get a WordPress site to do this or you can get a YouTube account and unlist your urls until they become paying members.
Lynda.com offers a lot of video tutorials but they don’t cover everything. There is more unique software that needs to be covered.
There is programming language software as well that could be covered in tutorials.

3. Niche 3 – stay at home mom business ideas
Mommy coach and consultant. Don’t look away just yet. Hear me out. If your children are older, you can start a mommy coaching and consulting business helping those with younger children.

You’ve been through it. You are an expert. So sell your expert knowledge.
As a stay at home mom myself I know I would have paid to have someone help me when I was experiencing sleepless nights with my child and didn’t know why. My own mother lives hundreds of miles away so she couldn’t help me. I wish I had someone there, and I would have paid for it, to help me personally to put my baby on a sleeping schedule.

I would have wanted a personal coach, not just a stay at home mom book or online article. I would have wanted something tailored to me.


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