Apr 23

Why Find Someone To Assume Apartment Lease

When someone is looking for an individual to assume apartment lease it is because the early lease termination fee is too large an amount to lose or the deposit is in danger of being forfeited. Finding someone to assume apartment lease is easier said than done added to this the landlord may not want to take over lease from you. Here lies the problem.

It is difficult for a landlord to find a good tenant to lease out the apartment to. This is a process that takes a couple or even four months. During this time the apartment is vacant and there is no revenue coming from the property. It is for this reason that the landlord may put in a clause that will earn him a few months rent in case the tenant wants to go in for early termination of lease. While early termination of lease allows the tenant to get out of the lease early it also leads to some form of loss for the tenant. This loss may come in the form of him or her having to lose the security deposit or pay a few months rent if they decide to go for early termination of lease.

There are sites like apartmentleasedepot that help people get out of apartment lease. They do this by finding someone to assume apartment lease by matching your listing with thousands of people looking for a short term apartment lease. They can only do this, however, by offering some sort of incentive in the form of a couple of months rent, free furniture avoid paying the security deposit etc. This is a great way to get a cheap short term lease for as much as a year.

The landlord gains by getting an extra months rent and a tenant that might like to continue the lease after he has decided to assume the apartment lease from the previous tenant. The person who assumes the apartment lease gains by getting an apartment without having to pay the hefty deposit and perhaps a few months rent too. The person wanting an early lease termination gains by getting out of the lease early and giving up the apartment, not having to continue paying the rent as the person who is assuming the apartment lease will take care of the remaining months rent, besides the security deposit will be refunded to the original lease holder on the expiry of the ease.

Find a reliable site like apartmentleasedepot.com to get you out of your present apartment lease with as little financial damage as possible. Register with the site and pay a one time fee, register your lease and offer some of the recommended incentives like a waiver of a couple of months rent. Within no time you will be matched with people ready to assume apartment lease and you will get and early lease termination. In the end all four parties will be content.


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